After a 0-16 season in 2017, the Cleveland Browns were able to draft quarterback Baker Mayfield who ultimately changed the team's fortunes and helped them achieve a record of 7-8-1. While they didn't make the playoffs, the record was certainly a huge improvement on the previous season. The team has been busy in the offseason, acquiring running back Kareem Hunt who was released from the Kansas City Chiefs after a domestic abuse scandal. Hunt will most likely be suspended by the league to start the season but he will definitely be a huge addition to the offense once he comes back.

Mayfield, who has been enjoying his offseason as of late, was seen at the airport by TMZ who tried to talk to him about the upcoming season and whether or not he has talked to his newest teammate yet.

Well, as you can tell by the video, Baker didn't really want to take too much time to talk. When asked about the team's playoff chances, his response was a simple "we'll see," while he added that he has yet to talk to Hunt.

Cleveland has the potential to be pretty good next season which could make the playoff race a lot more interesting.