Running back Kareem Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs last season after a video was released of him kicking a woman on the ground in a Cleveland hotel. Just a few months later, the Cleveland Browns signed Hunt to a contract as they believed he had changed as a person and deserved a second chance. The NFL has since suspended Hunt for the first eight games of the season, although he will surely make an impact for the team once he comes back.

Hunt is currently at Browns training camp and his teammates are already starting to take a liking to him, according to TMZ. Quarterback Baker Mayfield spoke to the media today where he sang Hunt's praises and said he likes what he sees from the young running back.

"Just being around him, I think he's a great kid," Baker said. "Ya know, mistakes happen. I can speak from personal experience."

Mayfield explained that he spoke to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce who played with Hunt in Kansas City, with both of them speaking nicely of the Browns star.

"They speak very highly of him," Mayfield said. "So, I think that's really important, and it's been pretty important for him to be here too."

The Browns are currently completing voluntary team workouts and are projected to be one of the better teams in the AFC this season.