Joe Rogan remains one of the most entertaining podcast hosts out there right now. He manages to hold long, interesting conversations with everybody that steps into the studio with him, bringing the best out of his guests. Earlier this year, Mike Tyson was a guest on the podcast, offering a look into his historic career and speaking about some of the outlandish things he's done in his lifetime. The face tattoos, the pet tigers, and more were all fair game during the interview. This week, Cypress Hill's B-Real stopped by to speak with Joe Rogan and during their conversation, Mike Tyson became a topic of conversation and they managed to speak about the boxer for over ten minutes. B-Real spoke about the time he smoked with the legendary fighter when they came across each other in the parking lot.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the past, Tyson has been open about his cannabis use to enhance his focus, noting that he smoked before a fight once and it was the most focused he had ever been in the ring. When speaking about his own experiences smoking with Mike Tyson, B-Real said that they met up in the parking lot after watching Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans fight it out, with Tyson asking to be let into the smoker's circle. "We always knew he smoked out," said the Cypress Hill rapper. He then goes on to recall some of the things the boxer has said about how he stays so controlled in the ring, noting that he had gotten hypnotized before his matches.

Watch the clip below.