Joe Rogan has been killing the podcast game for a number of years now. The MMA-commentator and former Fear Factor host is so in demand for his podcast, that even Kanye West has come out and said that he wants to do an interview with Rogan. Today, Rogan did his 1,227th podcast with a legend in the boxing and pop culture world: Mike Tyson. It's hard to get Iron Mike to give you 90 minutes of his time, but that's exactly what Rogan was able to do as they came together for an amazing podcast.

"Oh, shit! @miketyson was here! That was amazing and pretty fucking surreal. I think if people listen they’ll get a much better understanding of what this man went through and how he became who he was, and how he wants nothing to do with that life any more. It was a truly fascinating conversation. Mike is a very friendly and easy going guy now.," Rogan said via Instagram. 

Rogan and Tyson were also joined for a bit by comedian Tom Segura. During the course of the interview, Rogan and Tyson smoked weed together while talking about everything from parenthood to Tyson's career, and also an amazing story of how Tyson bought three tigers.

Tom Segura: “What made you think you could get a tiger?”

Mike Tyson: “This is really interesting. I’m in prison at the time. So I’m in prison, I’m talking to my car dealer at the time and he has some cars that belong to a [mutual friend], and he’s discussing ‘if he doesn’t pay for these cars, I’m going to sell these cars to somebody and get some horses.’ 

I said ‘what, you can get horses? And trade horses in for cars?’ Because I had a lot of cars, I’d probably get some horses too.”

And he said ‘yeah man, you can get cougars, lions, tigers…’ I said ‘you do?! Can you get me some tigers?’

The guy said ‘imagine how cool that would be?’ Because I had a bunch of fancy cars, ‘imagine that man, you’d be in an Aston Martin or a Ferrari. You’d have a tiger right next to you, man. That’s be so awesome.’ 

And I’m a young guy. I’m saying to myself ‘wow, that would be cool. Get me some cubs, man.'”

To watch the entire podcast, check out the video below.