Earlier this morning, Mike Tyson phoned into the Dan Patrick show on ESPN radio to talk about his new pot business. When Dan asked him how long he'd been using cannabis, Tyson replied “All my life basically,” before admitting he even got high one time before a fight back in 2000.

Tyson said he had smoked weed before “Showdown in Motown” against Andrew Golota back in 2000. He apparently got high before getting to the locker room and proceeded to fight while high. Dan Patrick then asked Mike if it affected him during the fight, to which he replied, "It didn't affect me. It affected Golota."

If you remember, Tyson famously dominated that fight, with Golota refusing to get off his stool and continue the match after taking a beating in the first 3 rounds.

After the match, Tyson tested positive for marijuana and was fined $200,000. As a result of his positive test, Tyson was stripped of that victory and was given a “no contest”.

For what’s it worth, Tyson did admit that this was the only time in his career that he got high before a fight. However the same can’t be said for smoking after a fight.

Check out Tyson’s phone-in interview (below).