Boxing legend Mike Tyson is long removed from his days as a ferocious, ear-biting heavyweight menace who once threatened to eat Lennox Lewis' children.

Much calmer nowadays, the 52-year old champ is more likely to sit down and puff on a foot-long joint rather than engage in any form of aggression. As seen in the viral footage embedded below, Tyson recently did just that with B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Iron Mike got into the marijuana business last year and he now owns a 40-acre ranch in California, where he grows various strands of weed including his own Conor McGregor-approved "KO Kush." According to The New York Post, Tyson also has his own school, Tyson Cultivation School, to teach farmers how to grow and develop their strains.

During a recent interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast (video clip embedded below), Tyson spoke candidly about his business ventures and the benefits that he has experienced from smoking weed regularly.

In addition to all of his other reefer-related activities, Tyson recently announced plans to host a weed-themed music festival on his ranch on February 23.

The Kind Music Festival is being billed as a "micro-festival" that will "transform the desert into a pop-up concert experience complete with food trucks, a 'chillville', a fun zone featuring massive inflatable rides, obstacle courses and mazes, bar area, vendor village and limited edition hoodies."