Who hasn't Azealia Banks beefed with? Even those who have defended her against backlash are susceptible to AB's smoke. If you recall, Vince Staples has repeatedly voiced his support for Azealia Banks, even calling out Russell Crowe on Twitter for spitting on the "Treasure Island" rapper. Despite publicly taking a stance against Azealia Banks slander, he's found himself at the receiving end of her wrath. 

Azealia Banks took to Twitter today to ask when "the gays gonna hook me up with Vince Staples." After a fan pointed out that he liked a tweet that mentioned her, she put him on blast for trying to defend her "when you need to virtue signal about how righteous of a brother" but not collaborating with her. "I sent this nigga a track too," she wrote before suggesting that he took her sound. "Pleaaaaaaaase keep my name out of your mouth for ffs. I dont have the timeeeee. And I don't need to be defended. And stop knocking off my sound."

He caught wind of her comments. "You didn’t ask for a feature you asked for me to mumble you a flow for the song for you and the spice girl was doing. I still fuc wit you tho you one of my favorite rappers," he wrote. "If you want a verse don’t ask the gays ask the Crips cause they got a direct line. But if you do wanna ask the gays ask my uncle Keith or @VonnieD_ them my day 1s." @MSAZEALIABANKS."