Please continue praying and keeping Azealia Banks in your thoughts. While she has become an easy target because of her oftentimes controversial musings on social media, she's going through a tough time and deserves support.

This week, the 29-year-old rapper sent out multiple alarming messages to her fans, claiming that she would be "ending her stay" on this planet and expressing suicidal thoughts. Shortly after, the messages were deleted and she told her supporters that she was doing well.

That sparked a debate over how we treat mental illness in differing genders, comparing her situation to Kanye West's fight with bipolar disorder on Twitter.

Now, Azealia is showing people one of the reasons why she has been so stressed lately, sharing text messages with her mother and putting their toxic relationship on blast.

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The messages have since been deleted but, according to several sources, her mother was apprehensive right from the start. Before Banks even told her what she was reaching out about, her mother was calling her a drug addict.

"You been saying the same shit over and over it sounds like the movie Groundhog Day sorry," wrote her mom. "You have the same pot of soup on the stove heating it up day after I have my own depression."

Then, she compared Azealia to her "coke head" father. 

"Same shit your coke head father did shit you. Fuck you go right ahead with your drugs," said Azealia's mom in one text. 

The caption of the post gives some more clarity on what's been happening in their relationship. 

"This is also why im extremely stressed out 24/7," reportedly wrote Banks. "My mother has been wishing death on me, saying ‘I’m a piece of shit just like my father’ since I was three years old. This is an extremely toxic relationship I have to cut off. She’s using the potential deaths of my other two dogs chicken and salt as collateral YET AGAIN."

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Keep Azealia in your thoughts.