Avengers: Endgame is the most highly anticipated film of all time at this point, and is expected to destroy the box office. Don't be surprised if the Infinity War sequel ends up grossing a billion dollars within its first 3 weeks in theaters. Marvel has a heavy hitter on their hands, and fans can't wait for a closer look at all their favorite heroes and villains. I surmise that Thanos won't be the only villain in this film, and the Skrulls may have an important role to play. Theories abound all over the internet, and new toy releases aren't helping to quell fans ongoing anxiety. A new set of toys from Marvel Legends gives fans a detailed look at Thanos, Captain America, and Ronin, who are set to enter into the battle of a lifetime. 

The Thanos toy showcases the Mad Titan's new weapon, a broad double sided staff/sword mix that he did not have to use in Infinity War. He easily beat the blood out of all the heroes with his bare fists, but the sight of a weapon must mean that there is a threat Thanos must overcome. The man who can break the Hulk's nose with ease shouldn't have to pick up a weapon unless his hands aren't doing the trick. Is Captain Marvel the hero that forces Thanos to resort to a weapon? A closer look at Ronin also displays how drastically Hawkeye has changed since we last saw him. Fans all believe that Hawkeye loses his family in the Snap, which makes sense. Hawkeye had a wife and kids, and there's little chance they all survived the cataclysmic event. Check out the images of the new toys here