• Ridley Scott Slams Superhero Movies: “Their Scripts Are Not Any F*cking Good”

    Ridley Scott slammed superhero movies in a new interview.

    By Cole Blake
    Nov 13, 2021
  • New “Black Widow” Trailer Gives MCU Fans A Deeper Look Before It Hits Theaters

    That skydive battle scene looks wild.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Apr 3, 2021
  • “The Batman” Finally Wraps Up Production After COVID-19 Delays

    Robert Pattinson’s moment is almost here.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Mar 13, 2021
  • “Falcon & The Winter Soldier” Debuts New Trailer During Super Bowl LV

    The MCU is back in full force.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Feb 7, 2021
  • Chris Pratt Officially Reveals That He Is Joining “Thor: Love & Thunder” Cast

    Welcome Star Lord.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Jan 2, 2021
  • “Wonder Woman 3” Announced By Warner Bros.

    The expected threequel has been fast-tracked.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Dec 27, 2020
  • Marvel Will Not Recast Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther In Sequel

    Boseman will forever be king.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Dec 12, 2020
  • “Ant-Man 3” Announces Official Title, Confirms Jonathan Majors As Kang

    The next big villain arrives.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Dec 12, 2020
  • Robert Pattinson Tried To Keep “Batman” Audition A Secret From Christopher Nolan

    Pattinson failed miserably.

    By Karlton Jahmal
    Aug 8, 2020
  • Dave Bautista Tried To Get Cast As Bane In “The Batman” With No Luck

    Bautista wants to dive deeper into the land of comic book movies.

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    Aug 1, 2020