The A$AP Rocky situation continues to intensify with every passing day. After the beloved rapper was officially charged with assault, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to put Swedish Authorities on blast for their bungling of the case. While the move was met with a divisive response, with some concerned that Rocky would end up collateral damage in a political chest-thumping contest, others appreciated the government standing firmly behind the rapper. Either way, Rocky's fate remains a question mark, and a frustrating one given that his alleged "victim" is getting off clean.

Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Today, Akademiks came through to share images of the man's wounds, instilled after Rocky fended him off. While the man has a few stitches and scrapes, including several bloody ones on his arm and around his neck, his most eyebrow-raising injury is his finger. Curiously, the finger seems to be an ashy shade of mauve, seemingly at odds with the rest of his pigment. The juxtaposing shades prompted a response from Backpack Kid, who struggled to come to grips with the image. "He come from area 51? Wassup with that finger?" writes the young dance sensation, throwing his support behind the incarcerated Flacko.

As for the images themselves, it's clear the man emerged worse for wear from his scuffle with Flacko's camp. Yet given that he clearly played the role of aggressor, many have been short on sympathy for him. Unfortunately, the Swedish authorities felt that he was indeed without fault, and thus, here we stand. What do you think of these wounds? Are they enough to sway the tide?