The year continues its incline into pure surrealism with this latest Tweet from U.S. President Donald Trump. After Swedish authorities hit A$AP Rocky with official assault charges, many in the hip-hop community reacted with concern. Despite the fact that Flacko was clearly seen to be defending himself in a widely-circulated video, the reality that he may actually be hit with up-to six years of hard time is becoming more of a possibility with every passing day. Now, Trump has made his displeasure known, and in true Trumpian fashion, he doesn't hold back.

It feels inevitable, does it not? After the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfve essentially hit Donald Trump's original diplomatic attempts with the snub, Trump took to Twitter to double down with a hardline stance. "Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM," he writes, after calling out Löfven by name. "We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its real crime problem!" 

At this point, it's difficult to guess how this one will play out, but it's starting to feel like Rocky might end up as collateral damage in a greater political battle. One has to imagine that Swedish Prime Minister will meet Trump's rhetoric with a stanch rebuff of his own, and on and on the dance shall go. Still, it is interesting to see Donald Trump throwing his full weight behind Rocky's cause, and one has to wonder what might happen should tensions develop even further. Expect more where this came from.