The A$AP Rocky situation is all the way messed up right now. The rapper was charged earlier today on an assault charge in connection to the incident that occurred at the beginning of the month in Sweden. For nearly a month now, the rapper's been behind bars, despite efforts from the United States president to get him out. Of course, the rapper was questioned about the incident by Swedish authorities who asked the rapper to list off all of his nicknames. According to The Blast, he replied, “Yes. Rocky, Asap Rocky, pretty mother fu--er, I can't think of any more.”

Rocky himself posted a video of the altercation at the beginning of the month after footage initially surfaced. In the video, he blatantly states that he doesn't want any trouble while two guys continued to follow him and his friends. “I am paranoid of all strangers. I'm a Celebrity. I've had unfortunate events in my past," he told police before stating that he's had similar experiences with people who were high.  “For example, when I was in … New Zealand, I was attacked by a person in a lift who had smoked Crystal Meth. There were three people who were influenced by Crystal Meth who had attacked my security guard and cut the police, all of which is documented.”

After he was asked about why he thought they were on drugs, he said, “I thought so because of their behavior. Anyone who would attack my security guard several times does not seem to be a reasonable or reasonable person in my opinion. Especially when he breaks his own headphones and then asks us about them.”

Daniel Suneson of the City Public Prosecution Office issued a statement saying that he proceeded with filing charges against Rocky because he felt that Rocky's action didn't constitute as self-defense, but rather, an actual assault. "I have studied the videos made available to the inquiry. It is worth noting that I have had access to a greater amount of material than that which has previously been available on the internet. In addition to video material, the injured party’s statements have been supported by witness statements," Suneson said.