The members of A$AP Mob are overseas in China right now, in the midst of performing some gigs for their adoring fan base over in Asia. However, a show that they were playing today didn't go as planned and ended with A$AP Rocky storming off the stage, spiking the microphone on the ground in anger as he left the building before the show was over.

In a video that was uploaded to Reddit and has since been shared on various social media platforms, you can see a frustrated A$AP looking over at what is presumably the wing next to the stage. We see him get an answer that he's not pleased with and then abruptly throw the microphone down in frustration, no doubt shattering it in the process. He then leaves the stage, followed by his fellow performers, to the startled murmurs of the Shanghai audience they were playing to. According to the Reddit user's post, the disruption happened because the police cut off the power at the venue that was being used. Check out his explanation below:

"This was at a fashion event so not a regular venue. I'm guessing the venue hadn't pre-approved with the police. Then the police came and didn't care about who it was and just cut the power. This kind of s**t happens all the time. Police do what they're told, no excuses. It's a shame because the hip-hop scene in China is picking up a lot lately and an occurrence like this will give it a bad reputation for touring artists."

The poster, whose username is smokinjoints, then shed some more light on the venue itself, the Shanghai Expo Center.

"It was a 3 day festival for some innersect app. Rich Chigga also booked to play. Someone just said on wechat that live music wasn't allowed after 11pm which is why they cut him off. A$AP Nast has a gig at another venue tonight in Shanghai called Arkham which always goes late, people are expecting Rocky to turn up. Never issues there, Knxwledge played until after 3am last night. Think this venue just messed up with getting authorization."

The story is currently unfolding and we'll update you with more details as they are made public.