ASAP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator's joint tour is definitely an affair fans will not want to miss, even more so when you throw Vince Staples and Danny Brown into the mix. If ever we needed to say 'lituation,' this would probably be it.

In anticipation of the tour, which kicks off on September 19th in Lowell, MA, Rocky has teamed up with Virgin Mega for an limited edition chain. Virgin Mega basically partners with brands to bring users that exclusive shit, and their latest collaboration is the "A.L.L.A Access Chain." The chain's design pays homage to Rocky's NYC roots, with a version of the 1970 MTA subway token hanging from a bronze chain, as well as a 2015 version of the token. Each piece of jewlery was cast in bronze by Gabriel Urist. 

The chains will set you back $95 a piece, and in order to cop one, you need to download the Virgin Mega app and begin waiting in a virtual line. Downloading the app reserves you a spot in line, and at 4 PM on September 25th, fans will have one hour to improve their spot in the virtual line in the hope of copping a chain. You can improve your spot in the line by answering questions about the rapper, engaging with other fans in line, and engaging with Virgin Mega's DJ.

One lucky winner will also get tickets to the tour, at the show of his/her choice.

Check out an image of the chain in the gallery above.