A lot has been going on surrounding the Sweetener singer Ariana Grande. From her engagement to Pete Davidson and the calling off of the engagement, passing of ex Mac Miller, removal of all tattoos with her former fiance to the preparation of her upcoming North American tour - Ariana's been a busy and emotionally worked woman. 

If she's got one thing going for her (among the many things) it's her loving fan base that opted to dress as the singer for Halloween. While many rocked Ariana's classic outfit - a hoodie, high heeled boots, and a high-end fanny pack - there were a few that grabbed a partner to dress as Pete Davidson for the popular photo of the ex-couple strolling the streets with lollipops - as seen in the cover photo. 

Actress Jenna Ortega and reality star Kourtney Kardashian are just two of the many fans to channel Arianna for spooky Halloween. Check out the looks below and check out our Halloween round-up of other stars here.