PnB Rock was active on social media this weekend, dropping breadcrumbs for his followers. On tour in the state of Florida, home of XXXTENTACION, the Philly crooner said he has a bet going on with the "Look At Me" rapper. He's also hinted at a possible future collaboration.  

"I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore" is one of X's most popular songs on Soundcloud. Plus, the soulful track is right up PnB Rock's alley. The singing thug also teased his fans with the mysterious bet he has with X. He's posted about it both on Twitter and Instagram.

The two have been hanging out a lot lately. A video circulating online shows X counting a heavy stack of cash while PnB and some friends chill on the hood of a luxury car. Stay tuned for more and, in the meantime, check out the posts below.