Aquaman just had its second weekend in theatres and, although it hasn't given Warner Bros and DC the critical acclaim they might have hoped for after movies like Batman Vs. Superman, it has given them $250 million. It's hard to imagine anyone worrying about critical acclaim when they're making enough money to fill a swimming pool with hundreds.

It's also important to note the fact that Aquaman has not even released in the US yet. One of the biggest economies on earth and certainly one of the biggest markets for movies has still yet to contribute to this growing pile. According to Variety, most of that money is coming from China, where the movie made $94 million in its opening weekend (the country got an early release of the film).

The success is doubtless the result of the movies's star and his recent performance of a Maori dance to ring in the premiere of the movie. Although Jason Momoa is from Hawaii, he and some of the other cast members (and his kids) performed the dance on the red carpet, where he also broke a trident over his knee. Next time you go for a job interview, just perform the same routine and maybe you'll secure an Aquaman sized bag.