Apple's experienced a crushing blow in their recent onslaught of courtroom drama, as the tech giant lost a trademark lawsuit case filed against an Italian clothing company. Brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato decided to brand their line of clothing and accessories after learning that the name Steve Jobs, Apple's legendary founder, was not actually trademarked. 

For years, Apple has been embroiled in a legal battle with the Italian company over their brand logo, which depicted a J in the shape of an apple with a bite missing, a clear reference to Apple's iconic logo. Ultimately though, a judge ruled that because the logo features a letter and not an actual fruit, they did not commit any legal violation. 

Via TechSpot

The Giacomo brothers "Steve Jobs" fashion line offers a selection of both apparel and accessories, including bags, t-shirts and jeans. According to The Verge, the brothers plan to release a line of electronics but have not divulged any details on what specific products they intend to manufacture. It would be ironic if the company designed a cellphone that may eventually compete with Apple's iPhone on the lucrative smartphone market. 

Apple has recently been involved in another publicized lawsuit, which for many, jeopardizes their integrity as a company. It has been noted that older iPhone models are manufactured to become increasingly slower as the battery ages, and this design choice has Apple facing a class action lawsuit filed by angry customers demanding justice.