Anderson .Paak doesn't have the answers in tow, but he hopes the dancing public can rain on the parade. This afternoon he published a collection of fan uploads under the banner "Bubblin' Challenge." Incidentally he hopes one of the documented acts will catch fire and become emblematic of his song, in the vein of Shiggy charitable offering to Drake. Earth to Jimmy, pay that man his stipend.

The video compendium opens as a heavy-set fellow sitting in spandex gives moral instruction to his dance fellowship. After a few words from the parishioner he starts to move both his upper and lower body into what resembles a seismic toss. But don't get it twisted, the entrants aren't restricted to using their feet.

One person in the clip emulated the synergy of  the song through a coordinated drum performance. If Questlove is too left-leaning for your tastes, maybe Anderson .Paak is the right man to lead the rapper/drummer hybrid into the future. As a drummer myself, I find it distracting when I pay close attention to the drum line of a song.

The rest of the video is what you'd expect from a blooper reel. If Anderson had selected the cream of the crop from the onset, potential applicants might shy away. Keep the bar low enough and let the cup runneth.