Amber Rose must have been feeling some type of way last night, as she took to her Instagram Story in order to share her frustrations with her fans, and send a message to her haters.

Amber's relationships have always been interesting to the public, and her most recent stint with 21 Savage must have ended poorly. The two of them were recently spotted together at Coachella music festival, completely ignoring each other and using body language that was described as "icy." Being a public figure can result in all sorts of negative attention to the public, and Amber may have been getting tired of it.

On her Instagram, she wrote, "Sometimes I wish I could go back to being the regular girl from Philly when people actually liked me for me." She continues by saying, "I swear to God I feel like no one wants to ever see me happy. Because they feel like I'm undeserving of love."

It's not clear if she's speaking about 21, some other specific person, or just the troubles of fame in general, but she's understandably going through a difficult period. However, she doesn't end it there, continuing on with a message of self-affirmation.

"But fuck it. This isn't the life I chose but it's the life that chose me," Amber writes, "Helping women who have been victimized, scrutinized, raped, slut shamed, and blamed is the only thing that makes me feel better. Because I too have been a part of all those things."

Amber does host her yearly Slut Walk, and event designed to take a stance against rape culture and shut shaming. Hopefully Amber can continue to stand up for women everywhere.

See the entire message from Amber below.