Amber Rose shows up week in, week out with a formidable Throwback Thursday submission. I do credit the strength comes down to her transformation into womanhood, but I could say the same for anybody whose life is up for public viewing. We first apprehended Amber in her early twenties as the video muse for Kanye West, but thanks to a time-honored tradition of TBTs, we can chart her timeline back to "first communion" or a wedding of some sort.

In the above photo, a pre-adolescent Amber Rose clutches her Dad outside a place of worship (looks to be his wedding). Next to the photo Amber writes "Sebastian is my twin," and yes I do see a resemblance between Bash and her younger self, but the real double take occurs when you compare Michael Levonchuck to his grandson. 

Picture baby Bash with a pencil moustache just like Gramps, and the result is a spitting image. Strangely, before Amber rose broke down her genealogy to some degree, I would have never imagined another person sharing her likeness, but alas Bash, Pops and her all share the same roving twist. As the phenotype suggests, many observers while likely get a kick out of seeing Michael Levonchuck in his prime years.