Last year, Alchemist and Boldy James came together for the collaborative album The Price Of Tea In Chinaa project that many hailed as one of 2020's greatest releases. In fact, it was but one of many strong efforts to emerge from Boldy and Alc's respective camps, and many were quick to demand a follow-up effort. Now, it would appear the time has come, as Alchemist recently confirmed that the pair are currently working on a new album -- "coming soon." 

The announcement came alongside a revealing behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the Boldfacea 2019 project that preceded the release of Price Of Tea. For those who appreciate a more thorough glimpse into the studio process, the footage should prove most welcome, as it grants a glimpse into Alchemist's routine behind the boards. Two words: records and weed. Near the end, the video showcases Alchemist in action, adding drums and bass to a hazy sample while Boldy observes from the couch.

"2019. In the studio making the Boldface EP with @boldyjames," captions Alc, sharing a snippet of the documentary on his Instagram page. "Full video on youtube. New Boldy ALC album coming soon." Great news to be sure, especially given their previous collaborative track record -- though it's unclear what "soon" means to Alchemist. As rap fans have learned, it can mean anything from a matter of weeks to, in the worst-case scenario, years.  

In the meantime, check out the new behind-the-scenes footage below, courtesy of The Alchemist.