There has been a notable scarcity of bars since the pandemic hit, rendering radio freestyles temporarily obsolete -- much to the dismay of Funkmaster Flex, who is rumored to sustain himself entirely on punchlines. Still, one doesn't achieve the longevity that Funk Flex has achieved without getting creative from time to time. Enter "Blockwork," an outdoor extravaganza featuring some of the game's hardest lyricists -- including Action Bronson, who holds it down on this recent installment.

Action Bronson freestyle

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

With Only For Dolphins on the way (Alchemist recently confirmed as much on Twitter), a slimmed-down Bronsolinio came through with a brand new beat from Daringer, the mind behind many of Griselda's hardest instrumentals. "Green M5 skate like Mighty Ducks do, hop out that motherfucker looking lovable," he raps, over Daringer's lively loop. "Construction boots untied, sky-high like the bruja on the broom / gotta shoot her down before she reach the moon or we doomed."

"Women swoon, just to get the slightest sight of the goon," he continues. "Stab her husband in the stomach then spend the night in the tombs." Sadly, the mask serves to hide his trademark facial expressions, thus rendering the Funk Flex experience somewhat incomplete. Still, it's hard to argue that radio freestyles have been sorely missed, and hearing them in this raw, pandemic-proof fashion is a welcome return indeed. Check it out for yourself now, and be sure to show some love to Flex and Bronsolinio for carrying on tradition.