Action Bronson has been diversifying his portfolio of work over the past few years, recently making the jump to cable television along with Vice’s new TV network. What’s next for the talented Queens emcee? The publishing world, according to Rolling Stone.

Bronsolino’s book will be titled “Fuck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well,” and is currently set to hit shelves in fall 2017. Much like his show of the same name, the book won’t purely be about cooking & food, instead mixing memoir-esque stories from his life and music in with the recipes. The book will also feature different types of artwork, photography and other looks at Bronson’s creative process. Food writer Rachel Wharton is co-writing the book.

Meanwhile, Action Bronson has announced his next project Blue Chips 7, which should release before the end of 2016. Check out a video of him celebrating his new book deal below.