Aaron Rodgers is currently in the midst of a two-week stint hosting Jeopardy! and so far, he has received glowing reviews from all of the fans out there. It is quite obvious that Rodgers has a real love for the game show and with every episode, he looks to honor Alex Trebek. At this point, some are even calling for Rodgers to become the full-time host, which would certainly be a pretty impressive sight to see. Of course, there is no guarantee this will happen, especially since Rodgers is kind of an NFL quarterback.

Despite all of this, Rodgers is still interested in the role and he is determined to make it happen. While speaking to The Ringer, Rodgers spoke about how this would be a dream job for him, and based on the filming schedules, he would actually be able to do both football and Jeopardy!

Aaron Rodgers

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Per Rodgers:

"I don’t think I’d need to give up football to do it. They film 46 days a year. I worked 187 this year in Green Bay. That gives me, eh—[pauses]—178 days to do Jeopardy! So I feel like I could fit 46 into that 178 and make it work. It would be a dream job for sure, and I’m not shy at all about saying I want the job. That’s how I went into it. I want an opportunity to be in the mix."

Whether or not he gets the job remains to be seen. Regardless, just the thought of Rodgers in the role is quite interesting, and honestly, we hope he gets it.