Aaron Rodgers is in the midst of trying to get out of Green Bay and there are very few teams right now who could realistically trade for him. While this may be the case, any team in the NFL would love to have Rodgers as their quarterback, except maybe a handful of teams who already have MVPs on the roster. Regardless, the Packers have said they won't make a deal but in the end, you never know how they might cave to the pressure.

According to NFL Network reporter James Palmer, the Broncos and Packers organizations are starting to catch on to the fact that they would be perfect partners for a deal and while nothing is guaranteed, Rodgers to Denver is a rumor that has real legs at this point.

Per Palmer: 

“I’ve talked inside the building that it’s a real possibility that Aaron Rodgers could end up with the Denver Broncos. Those same people have told me that ‘Remember, deals of this size with players of this nature, MVPs, are difficult to get done and you don’t know if they are going to get done until you get to the finish line. And at the same time, you need the Packers to make him available.'”

At this point, it could be a while before a deal gets done although these next few months are going to be an interesting time for Packers and Broncos fans.

Aaron Rodgers

Stacy Revere/Getty Images