Even as little as nine months ago, no one would have really expected Birdman and Lil Wayne to beef. The two Cash Money titans had a bond that seemed more powerful than your run-of-the-mill rapper/CEO relationship, with their father/son dynamic even birthing an album of its own earlier in the 2000s, and a sense of loyalty that seemed out-of-character for Birdman, at least when you considered his relationships with other Cash Money artists. But what began as a label-related rift between them has now spiraled into a situation that includes delayed albums, multi-million dollar suits, and most recently, an alleged murder plot. 

How did we get here? That's a difficult question, and one that requires some close monitoring-- not just Wayne and Birdman, but everyone from Rich Homie Quan to The Game-- in the past few months. Dragging in nearly everyone tangentially related to either artist, this beef is one for the books, and will probably get a chapter to itself in future hip hop history books. 

We've traced every story that's been pertinent to this conflict, and listed them chronologically below, giving you a complete (if a little confusing) timeline of Lil Wayne and Birdman's ongoing beef. 

12/4/14 - Lil Wayne says Cash Money is refusing to release his album

The first sign that everything's not A-OK.

12/5 - Cortez Bryant says everything's "good" at Cash Money

Wayne's longtime manager is confronted by TMZ in a parking lot and tells everyone not to worry.

12/11 - Wayne alludes to leaving Cash Money

At Vice's 20th anniversary party, Weezy confirms that he has a problem with his label situation.

12/13 - Mack Maine says "Carter V" will be out first quarter 2015

That clearly didn't happen.

12/25 - Wayne threatens a lawsuit against Cash Money

1/13/15 - Bryant changes his tune, says Wayne doesn't "deserve the shit he's going through"

He shares a lengthy Instagram post that reverses his previous statement.

1/20 - Wayne releases "Sorry 4 The Wait 2"

Containing a ton of shots at Birdman...

1/26 - Weezy and Young Thug host competing parties, send thinly-veiled shots at each other

The first signs of beef between these two.

1/28 - Wayne sues Birdman, threatens to take Young Money artists with him

2/19 - 50 Cent says beef will "work itself out"

But what does he know, right?

2/21 - Turk sues Cash Money

Wayne's fellow Hot Boy capitalizes and also sues Birdman.

3/5 - Nicki Minaj says she wants them to "work this out like family"

That seems a little idealistic though.

3/12 - Thug makes "Bitch Homie Quan" comment onstage, denies beef with RHQ

3/17 - Thug confirms he's releasing an album titled "Carter 6"

Wayne's daughter was not happy.

4/7 - Wayne moves lawsuit from New York to New Orleans

4/10 - Wayne disses Thug's album artwork onstage / Thug says Wayne's still his "idol"

This is where the conflict between Weezy and Thugger gets interesting/confusing. 

4/12 - 4/14 - Thug disses Wayne in a few Instagram videos (here and here)

And the trolling begins.

4/13 - Thug changes album's name to "Barter 6"

4/15 - Thug announces "Barter 6" release party in Hollygrove / T.I. says album title is "homage" to Wayne

4/17 - "Barter 6" released

4/20 - Rich Homie Quan says he was "hurt" by "Bitch Homie Quan" comment

4/26 - Wayne's tour bus attacked outside of Atlanta / Thug booed at release party 

This two events will later be linked in an indictment.

5/6 - The Game enters the fray, dissing Young Thug and siding with Wayne

Game plays his usual card of entering a beef that doesn't involve him.

5/7 - Game and Thug squash beef

And as quickly as it started, it's over. 

5/27 - Thug says next mixtape will be titled "Carter V"

5/29 - Suspect in bus shooting linked to Thug

6/2 - Suspect turns himself in

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey charged with "aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon, and criminal gang activity."

6/3 - Wayne releases "Glory" on Tidal, announces he's a co-owner

6/9 - Wayne teams up with a royalty collections company

To get back some of the money Birdman allegedly owes him.

6/22 - Wayne says Nicki and Drake might leave Young Money

6/23 - Thug says he's releasing "Slime Season" the same day as Weezy's "FWA"

7/4 - "FWA" is released"Slime Season" delayed

7/8 - Wayne says he "appreciates everything" about "Barter 6" 


7/13 - Birdman allegedly throws drink on Wayne at Club LIV / Expresses dissatisfaction about Tyga releasing his album on Spotify

7/15 - Birdman and Thug named in tour bus shooting indictment

7/16 - Birdman sues Tidal over "FWA"

7/19 - Rich Homie Quan spotted in the studio with Wayne

Thug's former Rich Gang compatriot Quan added another layer of confusing label politics on top of this mess by showing to a studio session with Weezy. Perhaps to record a "Grindin" remix?