Rob Kardashian Suing Blac Chyna For Allegedly Beating Him While Drunk & High

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Rob Kardashian is beginning another legal battle with Blac Chyna.

Just when you thought it was over, they pull us back in with another juicy tabloid tidbit.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian may have ended their custody back-and-forth not long ago, but that doesn't mean that their legal woes are over. The latest chapter in this saga, according to a new TMZ report, reveals that Rob Kardashian is suing Blac Chyna for assault, battery and vandalism. As per new court documents that have been filed, he is claiming that she physically abused him while she was high and drunk in December 2016. Apparently, Chyna went for the thorat - literally - attempting to choke him with an iPhone charging cable and later hitting him over the top of the head and on his face several times. The violence escalated to the point where, when Rob tried to escape in his whip, Chyna supposedly threw a chair at the car and then struck him again using a metal rod.

The drama doesn't stop there for the former couple, with Rob also claiming Chyna caused over $100,000 in damages, including a busted-in door, to the house that he's been renting from his younger sister, Kylie Jenner. She allegedly also wrecked walls and a broken television. According to Mr. Kardashian, this is one of the major reasons that led to E! pulling the plug on their reality show, Rob & Chyna. Executives supposedly found the situation far too volatile for their liking. The court documents reveal that she lost a lot of money as a result, since she was making as much as $92,500 per episode.

There has been no elaboration how exactly how much money Rob wants in damages from the lawsuit, nor has there been any official comment from Chyna's side, although given how public she and her attorney Lisa Bloom have been about any legal action between her and Rob, you can be sure a follow-up is on the way. Following their split, Chyna has done her best to make her own way in the entertainment biz, with a rap album already in the works and other public appearances on the docket for the beginning of next month. As the story develops, we'll update you.

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Rob Kardashian Suing Blac Chyna For Allegedly Beating Him While Drunk & High
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