Blac Chyna's highly-publicized breakup with Rob Kardashian earlier this year sparked an equally bitter and headline-grabbing custody battle, which was supposedly finalized a little while ago. Chyna will be looking at a $20,000 monthly support that Rob owes her from now on, but the legal drama doesn't stop there. The soon-to-be rapper (more on that later) is looking for a large amount of money to settle the revenge porn case that's still hanging over the Kardashian ne'er-do-well's head. The nude pictures of Chyna that Rob posted online supposedly cost her at least a couple of endorsements and probably scared off anyone else she was in talks with. As a result, she wants to get paid, big time. A settlement of seven figures looks to be in the cards and, based on a tweet from Chyna's attorney Lisa Bloom yesterday, the fight is far from over.

Posing for a quick snap with the strip club fixture, Bloom sent out an authoritative tweet that is sure to solidify their stance as two women who are after their pound of flesh and won't stop until they tip those scales. "Do NOT disrespect my client," she said. "I got your back, . Stay tuned for chapter 2, y’all." She continued with a second tweet in the same thread, outlining the reasons why she's so passionate about getting a favorable result for her client in this instance. "Slut shaming is cruel and damaging, and I am proud to join in standing against it. That's what White v. Kardashian is all about." You can check out both of those tweets below.

While it's clear that Bloom hopes to make Chyna one of the poster children from some potential legal reform in terms of how the system treats women who have been the victims of slut shaming or revenge porn incidents, it's worth noting that Chyna's career hasn't been halted by the incident in a significant way. She's supposedly working on an album with some heavy hitters, both behind the board and as featured artists, and has designs on following in Cardi B's footsteps and becoming the next female rapper to come out of nowhere and dominate the market. Whether it's with her legal battles or with her music career, one thing is clear: Chyna's goal is to win.