The most interesting saga to unfold since ABC's LOST has finally reached a tentative conclusion. If you found yourself waking up in a cold sweat, inexplicably confused and concerned about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's custody battle, then rest easy. The long and sordid affair seems to have reached an agreement, and hopefully that means that we'll never have to hear about the ex-couple for an indefinite period of time.

Last month, things between Rob and Chyna were not exactly ideal, with public affairs, revenge porn, and a general sense of soap-opera fuckery being afoot. The drama marked the end of Rob and Chyna, and while the world wept (presumably with tears of joy) both parties began plotting how best to handle the child support payments of their son, Dream.

In honor of her first born child's namesake, what Chyna ended up receiving was indeed a dream. TMZ reports that the split-up couple weren't exactly seeing eye to eye when it came to child support. Rob wanted to provide Chyna with a monthly ten thousand dollars, while Chyna felt she deserved a monthly allowance of fifty thousand. Of course, to support Dream, in case he wants every single video game ever created. After what one can only imagine were some amicable and logical negotiations, Rob agreed to pay Chyna a monthly child support of twenty thousand, coming to a total annual sum of two hundred and forty thousand dollars. TMZ claims that most of that will go to nannies, so if any of you're looking to channel your inner Mrs. Doubtfire, it might be a time to start brushing up your resumes.

In return, Chyna agreed to drop the domestic abuse allegations. The couple also agreed on joint custody, with Rob landing a little over fifty percent in that agreement. Unfortunately for Rob (and by association, men worldwide) he agreed to cover Chyna's legal bills as well.