Jhene Aiko has to stop a recent concert in its tracks in order to come to the aid of a fan who was in the midst of experiencing a serious health problem.

According to TMZ, the soulful R&B singer was in the middle of a set at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, where things were going well until, all of a sudden, things took a turn for the worst in the crowd. Apparently, one of the fans in attendance began having a seizure during one of her songs. Aiko quickly stopped what she was doing and called for the medics to come to her aid immediately. Thankfully, the personnel who were at the venue that night were able to take the fan and get her out of harm’s way without incident, although sources say that the youngster in question was still shaking from the aftereffects of the seizure. Aiko resumed the show shortly thereafter, but she took time out to warn fans who were present about the dangers of strobe lights and how they can trigger similar reactions if you’re not careful. 100 percent class, all the way. Bravo Jhene.


The next day, Aiko took to Twitter to express her well-wishes for the fan. “Sending healing light to the young lady who got sick at the show… if any of her friends or fam can give me an update i’d appreciate it!” At the time of this writing, there had been no official follow-up from any of the individual’s friends or Aiko herself via social media. Her new albumTrip, has vaulted the singer back into the R&B limelight, where the initial response from fans and critics alike has been positive so far. According to Aiko, the LP is an attempt to peel back more than just the surface layer of her identity and showcase that in her music.

“This year, I just really want to show every side of me, really dive into who I am […] I’m getting older and I feel like I’m more in tune with who I am and less afraid to express every side of myself,” the 29-year-old singer explained on the Breakfast Club. “[The album is] inspired by every type of trip you could imagine: mental, physical, even psychedelic. I’m at a point where I put it all in the music. It’s a puzzle I want people to put together.”

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko Stops Show After Fan Suffers Seizure