Over the past year, Lil Pump career has skyrocketed. He became a dominant force behind this new era of “Soundcloud rap”. While he’s been dropping loose singles throughout the year, one of which that landed on the Billboard 100, his upcoming project has been highly anticipated among his fans and his followers. With the multiple delays to the project, it’s clear that he’s been waiting to make sure the project was perfect by his standards. Especially since it’s the first project he will release. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to announce that the mixtape was finally done. Today, he announces the release date and also shares the album art to the project.

Lil Pump took to social media today to unveil the album art and release date to his fans of his debut project Lil Pump Tape. The project is set to arrive in a few weeks on October 6th. The cover art features an animated version of Lil Pump holding a double cup on a skidoo with the skyline of Miami sitting behind him. The project will be dropping via Tha Lightz Global with distribution via Warner Bros. The rapper also recently teased new music which is said to be on his upcoming project. If that’s any indication of what the project will sounds like, it’s definitely going to be lit.

Earlier in the year, Pump was spotted in the studio with Chief Keef. While there was no confirmation as to where that song was going to end up, there’s a chance it could land on his debut mixtape. He’s also been in the studio with Lil Yachty recently. Yachty has confirmed that Pump will be on  Lil Boat 2, however it wouldn’t be surprising to see Yachty on Lil Pump Tape as well.

Now that the project is set to officially drop on October 6th, it’ll definitely be interesting to see who he ends up getting on the project. Hopefully that news arrives in the near future.

Check out the cover art below: