Delta Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Delivering Safety Rap To Passengers

A member of Delta’s staff spits some fire bars.

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Delta Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Delivering Safety Rap To Passengers

Many people have sat through it, but how many have actually been entertained by it? 

The airline safety instructions are normally a snooze-inducing part of the flying experience. Whether it's a pre-taped video or a live reading from a member of the flight crew, there's nothing ever really memorable about it - unless you were on a Delta Airlines flight that was taking off from Montgomery, Alabama recently. According to a video that was taken by one of the passengers, the man who was in charge of giving the safety speech did his best to inject more than a little bit of hip-hop flavor into his routine.

The video, which comes courtesy of ABC News, shows a white male flight attendant channeling perhaps a little bit of Eminem's persona while telling his captive audience about the various safety features of the aircraft they were about to travel on. Moving his right hand in a cutting motion a la Marshall Mathers, he told those on board to take their seat belts and "snap it in place around your waist like it’s going out of fashion." When it was safe to remove, he said he'd allow them to be taken off "with a passion." If any producers were on board, they definitely should have fired up a beat for this guy to rhyme over. Regardless, it's just another way that Delta is trying to separate themselves from other big players in the industry and give their customers a unique traveling experience.

Maybe this fine employee was part of the airline's big shake-up that went down not long ago. Back in October, it was reported that Delta was going to be hiring 1000 new flight attendants, giving anyone who was looking to take the plunge and change careers at least a little bit of hope. However, landing a job at the airline is a tall order, according to Yahoo. In 2016, more than 150,000 applicants were whittled down to just 1,120 new hires, which represents less than 1% of the candidate pool. While very selective, the travel perks of being a flight attendant is surely enough of a pull to entice more than a few who wish to fly the friendly skies on the regular.


Delta Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Delivering Safety Rap To Passengers
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