Before “Bodak Yellow” was a hit song, Cardi B was already going after her critics via video message.

In a repost of sorts from the female rapper, she shared an older video of hers, presumably filmed before her single became the talk of the hip-hop music community this summer. In it, she goes after the body shamers who were dragging her after she got parts of her body surgically touched up or enhanced. “I remember when, before everybody used to talk s**t about my teeth,” she began. “But I fixed them. So now it’s like, ‘Um … well … well, your titties look mad fake.” Cardi goes on to say that, while people may have only recently taken umbrage with the fact that she may have had some cosmetic alterations done to certain parts of her, it doesn’t mean that they’re in the right. In fact, she boils it down to a point of personal preference, where she admits to liking to look “perfect.” “I don’t know why y’all body shame bitches that got they body done […] I got my titties done, I got my ass done, and guess what: when I pop a little n**** outta my p***y, I’m getting lipo too. You know why? ‘Cause I like to look perfect.”

While it may be the product of music’s overall culture to a certain degree – in terms of women being asked to set unrealistic standards for how “perfect” their bodies look – there is something to be said for Cardi having things her way, especially when it comes to her physique. Iggy Azalea supposedly attained a remarkable hourglass figure using nothing but all-natural dieting and exercise, but some social media users went immediately to the supposition that she had some sort of surgical intervention. All this to say, no matter what side of the ledger you fall on, you have to respect the realness from Cardi B to own what she’s had done.

In other Cardi B news, NYPD officials say there is no proof of the rapper’s choke hold allegations, although the investigation is still ongoing. The Bronx native was reportedly put in a choke hold and forcibly pushed up against her vehicle last Tuesday evening (September 19th).

Cardi B

Cardi B Shares Video Clapping Back At Body Shamers