At times, Cardi B feels like the most hated and the most anticipated. Since her coming out party on “Bodak Yellow,” it seems as if the entire world turned their eyes on the stripper-turned-rapper. While her infectious and outspoken personality proved abrasive to some, many felt endeared to hip-hop’s newest underdog.

With a soap opera worthy narrative ripe with marriage, scandal, and heartbreak, Cardi’s come-up has been intimately linked with Offset, and by a lesser extent, his group. In fact, they make up the bulk of the features on Cardi’s debut, leaving things largely as they should be: a one-woman show. 

Over the course of the concise, thirteen-song tracklist, Invasion Of Privacy proves a worthy debut for one of hip-hop’s most analyzed and debated artists. Amidst all the controversy, the fan-constructed Nicki Minaj beef and the dubious ghostwriter claims, Cardi B has persevered against a sea of doubters and second guessers. This is an album for the fans, who became intrigued by her story and enamored by her skill. True, her journey has been mired with disrespect, and occasionally, the haters seem to chip away at her seemingly impervious armor. Yet Invasion Of Privacy feels like a confident start for the young artist; a testament that she’s indeed here to stay.

Be sure to check out the project now, and congrats to Cardi for coming this far. Any prediction for first week sales?