Cardi B’s been having a pretty great summer with the success of “Bodak Yellow” and all. Despite the multiple dubs she’s been picking up, she took to Twitter earlier in the week to call out the NYPD for putting her in a choke hold. While the tweets have since been deleted, the story had obviously gone viral. Today, the NYPD are refuting her claim.

In a TMZ report, NYPD Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald said that they’ve conducted a full investigation to Cardi’s claims and they’ve found no evidence to back her allegations. The Bronx rapper was reportedly put in a chokehold and slammed against her vehicle on Tuesday evening. Donald says that commanders in each precinct surrounding the Columbus Circle area, where the incident allegedly took place, searched for evidence and footage of the incident and weren’t able to find any.

TMZ has said that while she’s rightfully upset about the situation, she hasn’t made any mentions about legal action. They also say that she’s refused to offer any more details pertaining to the incident which is another factor as to why the police have doubts that it even went down. They’ve already requested that she speaks to them about what happened.

Cardi took to Twitter on Tuesday, saying “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now shit is crazy these NY cops don’t know how to do they job FUCK 12.” One of her followers asked if the cop was white to which she confirmed he was. The tweets have since been deleted. 

However, her boyfriend, Offset, responded to the news of police putting hands on his girl. He said that Cardi called her immediately after the situation took place. He said he didn’t think his girlfriend was being serious at the time. He continued by saying that there were two other men fighting at the time, which confused him as to why the police would put hands on Cardi and not them. 

Cardi B has yet to make any comments on the situation.