It goes without saying that the Offset has had an incredible year thusfar. Along with the rest of the Migos, they’ve went from the poster boys of trap to mainstream hit-makers. Now, Offset is using his platform for a good cause. Today, the American Cancer Society announced that they’ve teamed up with Offset to launch a new fundraising campaign.

The American Cancer Society took to their social media platforms to announce that they’re working with Offset for a fundraising initiative. On their Instagram, they posted a picture of Offset at their headquarters surrounded by kids. The caption read, “Rapper @offsetyrn, of the chart-topping hip-hop trio @Migos, is raising $500,000 for our organization. He is honoring his grandmother by raising funds to help promote cancer prevention and access to care in underserved communities. In addition, money raised through this effort will also help fund an ACS Research Grant focused on bladder cancer research. #ACSxOffset.”

They also posted another video of Offset announcing the fundraiser as well. He says in the clip “Hey, how you doin’? It’s Offset, one third of the Migos. I’m here to raise $500K for the American Cancer Society to help the under served communities, the people who don’t have as much opportunities or the money or the costs. Could you please help me get this task done? Do it for the culture.”

The cause is something that hits close to home for Offset. The Migos’ rapper lost his grandmother in 2012 to cancer. She played a significant role in the rapper’s life.

“It was really tough losing my grandma to cancer and one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my life. She motivated me to do my best and go for it; one of my biggest coaches,” he said. 

His mother, Latabia Woodward, has been supporting the organization for over 10 years and also volunteers for ACS. She also had some words to share about her son’s initiative.

“Losing a loved one to cancer is devastating, and we need to continue to help educate our communities about early detection and screening guidelines. I am incredibly proud of Offset’s desire to help save the lives of others, genuine heart, and talent as an artist,” Woodward said.

The fundraising campaign also comes with an incentive. The American Cancer Society is offering a lucky donor the chance to go on a shopping spree with Offset in Los Angeles.

You could find more information on their fundraiser here.

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