Tommie Lee Arrested For Battery In Miami: What We Know

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JUNE 02: TV personality Tommie Lee attends Black Tie Affair For Quality Control's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas on June 02, 2021 at Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Tommie Lee found herself in trouble with the law once again following an alleged altercation outside of Miami's Club Liv.

Reality TV star Tommie Lee found herself in legal trouble once again after a bizarre incident at Miami's LIV Nightclub that allegedly ended in a physical confrontation, TMZ reports. There haven’t been many details regarding the altercation, which naturally raised questions on what exactly transpired. According to police reports and eyewitness accounts, the situation quickly escalated, culminating in Tommie's detention by local authorities.

The Incident At LIV Nightclub

(EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 27 : Tommie Lee attends Roger Bonds Birthday Celebration at Compound on January 27, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.(photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

On Sunday night, the Baddies star night took an unexpected turn when she was arrested at LIV Nightclub in Miami. According to Miami PD records obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, the altercation began outside the club's entrance. A man claimed that he believed Tommie approached him in an attempt to hand him an unknown object. The man, who had never met Tommie before, refused to take the item, which allegedly sparked a violent reaction from the reality star.

Allegations Of Aggression

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, reported that after he refused the item, Tommie Lee became belligerent and aggressive. He further alleged that Tommie threatened his life, saying she would have him killed. This alarming statement reportedly led the man to take immediate action. Fearing for his safety, the man grabbed Tommie by the arms, turned her around, and restrained her until the police arrived. This decisive move prevented the situation from escalating further but also placed Tommie in a compromising position when law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Police Involvement & Surveillance Footage

Tommie Lee during a weigh-in at The Forge, Camden. Picture date: Friday February 24, 2023. (Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images)

When Miami PD officers arrived, they took statements from both parties involved. The police report indicates that officers reviewed surveillance footage from the nightclub. The video evidence reportedly corroborated the man's version of events sufficiently, leading to Tommie's arrest for misdemeanor battery.

Tommie Lee's Previous Arrests * Charges

This latest incident is not Tommie Lee's first encounter with the law. The reality star has a history of legal issues, including multiple arrests. Notably, in 2018, she was arrested for child cruelty charges after allegedly assaulting her daughter at her middle school. Tommie faced additional legal troubles in 2016 and 2017 for charges ranging from DUI to driving without a license. 

Tommie Lee's night at LIV Nightclub ended in an unexpected arrest after an altercation with a man who accused her of belligerence and threats. With police and surveillance footage backing the man's claims, Tommie now faces misdemeanor battery charges. The incident has added to her legal woes, raising questions about the future of her television career and public image.


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