Reginae Carter's Vocals Draw Mixed Reactions From Music Fans

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AMC Networks 2024 Upfront
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 10: Reginae Carter attends the AMC Networks 2024 Upfront at Chelsea Factory on April 10, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AMC)
Reginae went heavy on the Autotune.

Reginae Carter has big shoes to fill. The oldest child of rapper Lil Wayne has already found success as a film actress, but now she's making the move into music. Carter has collaborated with Wayne in the past, but her latest track has sparked debate over whether she has what it takes to become a solo star beyond her dad's co-sign. The song "Truth" caught fire via social media on May 13, and Carter's voice was the main talking point. Some listeners thought she sounded fine, others felt like she was relying too heavily on Autotune.

Instagram comment sections can get brutally honest, and Reginae Carter got the full brunt of it. Users really went after the singer for slathering her vocals in Autotune, and criticized her for trying to move in a space she's not suited for. "I got mad respect for Weezy daughter," one of them wrote. "But singing in auto tune ain't it boo smh. Acting I could see." Most of the comments made reference to Lil Wayne, and felt she was trying to hard to follow in his footsteps. "Can we normalize not feeling pressured to perform because our parents did/do," another user noted. "Just be rich and pretty. We overwhelmed."

Reginae Carter Was Criticized For Using Autotune

There were some who felt like she had strong presence on the song. Still, the positive comments tended to focus on her looks and performance in the music video, which tracks given her acting past. "Baby you got your mother’s gift not your daddy," a user wrote. Reginae Carter's mother is Toya Johnson, who is a notable TV personality. Johnson has also dabbled in music, but her greatest success has come on reality shows like Tiny and Toya.

To Reginae Carter's credit, she knows how nepotism can affect fan opinion. She told People Magazine that Lil Wayne advised her to develop a thick skin if she wanted to make it big. “My dad taught me a lot about just being in the industry, period," she noted. "He taught me just to keep a thick skin, always be true to myself, never let no one tell me what I can and cannot do." Carter may not have the music career her dad has, but she'll find success in whatever field she ultimately decides on.

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