"Why the fuck would I have a bodyguard, if I look just like the mother fucking bodyguard" - Action Bronson

What is it about Action Bronson that makes people want to hop on stage during his shows?

Part of Bronson's appeal is he himself seems to lack any inhibitions -- his stream-of-consciousness lyrical style, his legendary performance antics, and his eating prowess evident in his corpulence all indicate that he is in touch with his most base instincts. To obey one's base (drunk) instincts and get on stage with Bronson, then, is to pay tribute to Bronson.

The cycle reinforces itself. For every fan that steps onto Bronson's turf, a seed is planted in the mind of 10 fans who hear about it. With venue security proving itself untrustworthy, he is forced to deal with the hooliganism himself.

That people -- primarily young white males -- actively want to get wrecked by Action Bronson speaks to his popularity. If they survive their foray onstage, not only while they become a celebrity upon reentry into the crowd, they will no doubt one day tell their grandchildren the story of their encounter with the great Action Bronson. 

At any rate, here are 8 times Bronson wrecked fans onstage.