Drake Gets Second Trespasser At His Toronto Home In Two Days

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Toronto Raptors Victory Parade & Rally
TORONTO, ON - JUNE 17: Rapper and Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador, Drake, speaks during the Toronto Raptors Championship victory parade & rally on June 17, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Isaiah Trickey/Getty Images )
Something is going on in the 6.

Drake is the rap kingpin of Toronto. His moniker "6 God" is literally in reference to the city's area code. Things have been dicey for Drake in the city, however, since he became embroiled in the Kendrick Lamar battle. His OVO store was vandalized with the title of Lamar's latest diss, and a shooting led to a member of his security being hit in the chest. The misfortune continued on May 9. According to TMZ, the rapper was paid a visit by an unidentified trespasser.

The Toronto Police Department told TMZ they received a call around 3:30 pm ET on Thursday. The caller stated that a trespasser was walking around Drake's property. The trespasser was arguing with Drake's security by the time police arrived on the scene. It's unclear what transpired between the trespasser and the rapper's security. The former was, however, subsequently taken to the hospital. The information lines up with reports from earlier in the day, which stated that an ambulance was spotted near the rapper's mansion. The trespasser has not been identified.

Security Argued With A Trespasser At Drake's Front Gate

It's the second time in two days this bizarre interaction has taken place. On May 8, a different trespasser approached the front gate of Drake's estate. Police subsequently detained the man. The rapper has not issued a statement regarding either incident. He has, however, talked about the issue of gun violence as it pertains to Toronto.

Drake appeared in the 2019 documentary Remember Me, Toronto to assert that he was firmly against it. He also spoke on how his fame makes him a target, and the difficulty he has balancing that with a desire to give back to the community.

"It's a daunting path to try and be the biggest and baddest from your ends," he explained. "It's just way more impactful if you put all that energy into a grind that people remember you and say, 'I remember that guy came around and gave us all a chance.' Those are the people who get the glory story." Hopefully the trend of trespassers at the rapper's home doesn't continue.


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