Tyler, the Creator is one of the most creative artists of our generation. Aside from producing and writing all of his albums, he’s ventured off into fashion, radio, television and directing visuals. While he’s previously taken over Adult Swim with OF’s “Loiter Squad”, he’s recently announced that he’d be doing more work in television. VICELAND has recently began airing his show “Nuts + Bolts” where he learns how things are made, he announced roughly around the same time that his cartoon program “The Jellies” would be premiering on Adult Swim this fall. As we’ve been waiting, Tyler has finally announced the premiere date and shared a trailer for the show.

Tyler took to Twitter today to announce that “The Jellies” will be premiering on October 22nd. Alongside the tweet, the rapper also shared a trailer to the show as well. The show follows a family of jellyfish that have adopted a human son. He’ll also be handling a good chunk of the voiceover work including the main character. The trailer serves as an introduction to the made-up city which “The Jellies” take place. As he takes you through the landmarks of the fake city of Walla Walla, Washington, he satirically points out social issues such as racism, police brutality and homophobia. By the looks of the trailer, this show looks like it’s going to be a highlight on Adult Swim’s network. Aside from creating the show and voicing the characters, he also tweeted out that he had produced 85% of the music on the show.

At a Comic Con convention in San Diego, Tyler had addressed why he decided to make the main character black. He goes to reference how most cartoon shows never have a lead black character.

“They canceled Static Shock. Nobody remembers Fillmore, like, we don’t got s**t. The only other black character is this f**king weird ass…oh no, they killed Chef off f**king South Park. So we don’t have s**t. So I said f**k that. We about to make this n**** black. He ain’t got no guns. He ain’t shoot no f**king basketball. He a f**king goober. And we gonna put him on TV and he’s the lead character. He ain’t the comic relief, he ain’t the sidekick. He the lead n****.” Tyler told the audience member.

While we’re more than a month away from it being premiered, the trailer itself shows a promising future for the series. 

Check out his tweets and the trailer below: