Action Bronson continues to promote his various creative endeavors, including his recent hip-hop album Blue Chips 7000which dropped on August 24th. If you haven’t checked for that yet, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience, especially for Bronson fans. The project contains many of Bronson’s strongest elements, including hilarious turn-of-phrase, an abundance of hedonistic gluttony, and soulful, obscure beats. And while the project was seen by many as a return to form for Bronson, it seems as if the bulk of his passion has diverted toward his culinary career. In recent days, Bronsolinio battled against Sean Evans of “Hot Ones” in a Mario Batali-judged sandwich-off, and today, he’s back at it with yet more food-related shenanigans. 

The rapper slash chef hit up Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote his new book Fuck That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide To Eating Well, which has already hit number one on Amazon’s “Gastronomy” charts. To no surprise, Bronson came prepared for his time with Seth, bringing out a massive pizza from one of his favorite New York pizza joints, the Afghani run “Napoli.” The pizza’s pièce de ré·sis·tance was the addition of baked ziti, and from the sound of it, both parties had no qualms with the extra carbohydrates. 

It’s a pretty funny exchange, and Bronson’s vernacular is in fine form, as per usual. Bronson reveals that his cookbook has forty recipes, as well as many personal stories. “It’s one hundred things that I love,” says Bronson, before alluding to some tragic tales from “fat camp.” I think the best part arises when Action tells of the time he ate a chicken cutlet from a twenty-four hour vending machine in Japan:

“I got underwear that was worn also, and I sniffed the underwear while eating the katsu,” says Bronson. “They’re crazy in Japan.”

Action Bronson

Action Bronson Busts Out Delicious Baked Ziti Pizza For Seth Meyers