By now, everyone is well aware that Action Bronson is something of a food connoisseur. Not only does the rapper throw in myriad mention of meals throughout the course of his lengthy discography, but Bronsolinio has been killing it as a celebrity chef. In fact, one might argue that at this point, Bronson is known more for his Viceland series Fuck That's Delicious than he is for any of his music. Clearly, the dude is multi-talented, and if you've ever seen him cook, you know that Bronson can deliver what his series promises. I saw a video he did promoting his upcoming Fuck That's Delicious cookbook, and the chicken parm he cooked up looked like it could rival that of Carmela Soprano. 

Now, Bronson has put his culinary chops to the test, in a face-off against Hot One's Sean Evans. The two have previously crossed paths when Bronson took the Hot Ones challenge, and the reunion was kicked off with a bit of playful ball-busting. "You have a shot," says Bronson. "You have a puncher's chance. You never know what's going to happen, that's the beauty of fights." To add to the already lofty stakes, the competition was judged by chef extraordinaire Mario Batali, who knows a thing or two about the culinary arts. 

The clip follows Action as he prepares his luxurious sandwich, which includes a jalapeno, raspberry and blackberry marmalade. Haute-cuisine type shit. "Always keep the seeds in," says Bronson, referring to the jalapeno peppers. "I don't know anyone would want to take the seeds out, it's like...that's what all the flavor is, that's where you get all the heat."

I won't spoil the result, but if you're into Action Bronson's whole demeanor, this clip will no doubt entertain you. Check out the full video now, and make your dinner plans accordingly.