YesJulz Doesn't Believe Kanye West Is Behind $8 Million Lawsuit

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"The letter of intent to arbitrate was very clearly written by Milo," YesJulz claims.

After YesJulz was fired by Kanye West earlier this month, it was revealed that the internet personality was in for a tough legal battle. Ye took to social media to unveil a letter of intent to arbitrate for an alleged NDA violation. According to YesJulz, however, he's not actually the one behind the lawsuit.

Shortly after news of the suit broke, YesJulz was still showing love to Ye on social media, leaving her followers confused. She decided to address the confusion, claiming that she didn't believe Ye was suing her. "He has not told me he is suing me," she explained. "I have not seen HIS signature on the paper. The letter of intent to arbitrate was very clearly written by Milo. Signed by Ye’s lawyer, who is also at the will of Milo. If the suit moves forward and Ye allows it to, sure i may feel different. & i’ll do what needs to be done to defend myself. I have no fear because i’ve done no wrong."

YesJulz Claims Ye Hasn't Told Her He's Suing

"Until then, i have compassion and grace for Ye as i know first hand how the people around him move & i feel its only a matter of time before the truth is revealed & he realizes whats truly going on," she also added. "I pray for his continued success & protection." Another user then brought up the fact that Ye shared the lawsuit on his Instagram Story, which she also seemingly attributes to someone besides him. "Then why was it deleted so fast? What other posts do you see going up and down that fast? He is not the only one with access to that account," she wrote.

While YesJulz isn't convinced the lawsuit is coming from Ye, she seems ready and willing to fight it. What do you think of YesJulz claiming that Milo Yiannopoulos is behind her $8M lawsuit? Are you surprised? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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