Kodak Black Plays Snippet Of New Lil Wayne Collab

Listen to a preview of Lil Wayne and Kodak Black's collaboration.

BYMitch Findlay
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Kodak Black and Lil Wayne have always had an interesting relationship. At the onset of 2017, the young rapper challenged the legendary Martian to an actual fight, which would apparently signify which of the two could boast "best rapper alive" status. Not only that, in January Kodak previously told Lil Wayne could "eat his ass," which is, as they say, fightin' words. However, the fight never materialized, and somewhere along the line, Kodak and Weezy decided to stop with the nonsense and link up to make some music together. To be honest, their whole relationship is a little on the strange side, but after all, this is Kodak Black and Lil Wayne we're talking about here. 

A few weeks back, Kodak was discussing his upcoming Wayne collab and teased that he wanted to get Future on it. And while we're not quite sure if Kodak ended up making that happen, the rapper did end up previewing the song at one of his recent concerts. In the clip, Kodak turns up on stage while his DJ loads up the track, and Weezy's voice fills the room. Over an up-tempo instrumental, Wayne switches between his traditional cadence and more high energy one as the 808s kick in. It's hard to make out what Weezy is saying, but it sounds like he may or may not be singing about codeine, which may or may not bode ill for the rapper's health. While we don't get to hear Kodak's verse just yet, he does come through to lay down the track's hook.


Overall, this one sounds like it's going to be a banger, although it's still too early to tell. Hearing it now, perhaps Future would be a good fit on this after all. Stay tuned for more on this as of yet untitled track, as it should be dropping anytime now. 

Kodak Black Plays Snippet Of New Lil Wayne Collab
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