Mariahlynn Slams Joseline Hernandez For Rocking Cocaine-Themed Shirt

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"I honestly don’t find this sh*t cute," Mariahlynn says.

Joseline Hernandez has long been accused of dabbling in illicit substances, and according to her fellow Love & Hip Hop star Mariahlynn, it's not something the mother of one should take lightly. Earlier today, Hernandez took to Twitter/X to debut a new outfit, which features a reference to her alleged drug use. In her photos, the personality sports a baby blue set, complete with a sweater reading "Cocaline."

Mariahlynn was quick to share her thoughts on the garment in The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram comments section. She made it clear that she didn't find the reference funny at all, particularly amid the current rise in drug overdoses. The reality star and rapper even opened up about her own experience living with a mother battling addiction, noting how difficult it can be to watch the ones you love nearly "self-destruct."

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Mariahlynn Reflects On Her Mother's Drug Addiction

"I honestly don’t find this sh*t cute," Mariahlynn began. "I thank god everyday that my mother has 4 years clean cause lord knows what I went through as a daughter watching my mother almost self destruct and not be here to meet my kids." She continued, noting that while she may face backlash over her stance, she stands by it. "I understand living in your truth but come on now, people are dying from fentanyl over doses and all types of sh*t," she explained. "Yall can eat me up in the comments but idc I said what I said."

While countless commenters are siding with Mariahlynn, others argue that she's biased, citing some of her Baddies castmates' alleged drug use. What do you think of Joseline Hernandez showing off her new "Cocaline" sweater? What about Mariahlynn's take on the garment? Do you agree that the personality's alleged drug use shouldn't be taken lightly? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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