Bhad Bhabie & Boyfriend Le Vaughn Relationship Timeline

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The couple are expecting their first child together.

Bhad Bhabie, born Danielle Marie Bregoli, became a sensation after her unforgettable appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016. From that moment, her journey in the spotlight began, leading her to become a prominent figure in the music industry. Meanwhile, Le Vaughn, Bhad Bhabie's boyfriend whom she’s expecting her first child with, has largely remained out of the public eye, known primarily through his connection with the viral star. Unfortunately, most recently, it appears as though things weren’t as copacetic as they seemed. After footage of Bhad Bhabie involved in a brawl emerged, another video surfaced of her and Le Vaughn getting into a heated argument beforehand. Nonetheless, we’re diving into their relationship below.

July 2020 - November 2020: The Beginning

According to People Magazine, Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn’s love story begins in July 2020. She revealed in an interview that they were introduced by a mutual friend. Although the two remained rather lowkey in the public eye, Vaughn began appearing in Bregoli’s YouTube videos by November 2020. A rare glimpse into their blossoming relationship, their chemistry was undeniable. Despite being romantically linked to celebrities like NBA Youngboy, there was something different between the new lovebirds, hinting at a profound connection that transcended their public persona. 

February 2021: An Undeniable Attraction

As their love deepened, the couple began sharing more insight into their relationship through Bregoli’s YouTube channel. In Feb. 2021, Le Vaughn appeared alongside Bhad Bhabie’s best friend who determined whether her boyfriend or bestie knew her best. At one point, Vaughn revealed how they first began dating. “The first day we seen each other, we were together,” he said. “We just connect. Boom!”

April 2023: New Tattoos

Bhad Bhabie made it clear that their connection was real in April 2023. Taking to social media, she revealed that she inked two tribute tattoos to Vaughn: one of his name and the other of 1111, which many believe to be a nod to his birthday. Le Vaughn also got her first and middle name tattooed on his neck, “Danielle Marie.”

July 2023: Anticipating Their First Child

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Bhad Bhabie explained how she found out she was pregnant in July 2023.  "I was a day late and I took a test, but I took a test only a day late, because I was just eating so much and I felt like something was off," she said. Bhad Bhabie recalled eagerly waking Vaughn after the test came back positive. "I probably could have did it in a cute way, but I just woke him up and was like, 'Look, look, look!'"

December 2023: It’s A Girl

Although they kept their relationship under wraps over the past few years, the turning point in their journey arrived in December 2023 when Bhad Bhabie made a groundbreaking announcement—she was pregnant with their first child. She first shared photos of her baby bump to confirm the news. Then, she revealed that they were anticipating a girl. Additionally, Le Vaughn bought her a G-Wagon to celebrate their growing family. 

February 2024: Kali Love's Baby Shower

In February 2024, Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn confirmed that they'd be welcoming a girl with an adorable baby shower. Bhabie took to Instagram to share a glimpse into the celebration. The couple were joined by their family and friends as they celebrated Kali Love.

March 2024: Trouble In Paradise?

As Le Vaughn and Bhad Bhabie gear up to welcome their first child together, things took a turn for the worse this week. The couple appeared to get into a heated argument outside of a restaurant this week. Although there’s no confirmation or video evidence, there have been reports of a physical altercation. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates.

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