All 4 "Power" Series, Ranked

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50 Cent's television empire has now run four critically acclaimed shows, with each "Power" series showcasing the strength of street knowledge.

The Power series and ensuing television universe has been running since 2014, with four total series, each airing on the Starz Network. The shows each center on a different group of characters or elements of the criminal underworld, with a great deal of crossover between themes and lead actors from the other outings. Of course, several peaks and valleys within the four programs offer a wide array of quality content for viewers to binge through at their leisure.

The original Power concluded its illustrious 6-year run in 2020, while Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force are all still airing new episodes. While each series has its own world of intense thrills, rich characters, and compelling writing, some outings within the Power universe are better than others. Here's a brief overview and ranking of each series from worst to best.

4. Power Book II: Ghost

The second series in the Power universe centers on the son of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, Tariq. Following up on Ghost's exploits throughout the original show, Tariq begins to deal drugs on the streets of New York and finds himself in conflict with rival cartels and the woes of street life. Book II does an excellent job of carrying the torch from the original Power. However, the absence of Omari Hardwick looms over the entire production, making the program feel as though it's missing something. While the show does a great job of expanding the world of Power, and showing additional sides of the underground world of crime, other entries into the universe have done an overall better job carving out their own lane.

3. Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Power Book III: Raising Kanan takes the fast-paced criminal underworld of New York and transports viewers back to the 1990s. The series centers on 50 Cent's character, Kanan Stark, as a young man portrayed by Mekai Curtis. Though 50 Cent's performance only lasted for the original Power series, the rap icon turned business mogul has continued to helm each of the Power shows as an executive producer.

The third book in the franchise offers a sympathetic coming-of-age story about one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, making Book III: Raising Kanan a fan favorite for many viewers. Of course, the show is plagued with a few slow episodes and a lot of filler plotlines, making it a great series to binge-watch but less enjoyable on a week-to-week basis. Like Book II and Book IV, Raising Kanan is still currently airing new episodes, with a fourth season slated to arrive later this year.

2. Power Book IV: Force

Power Book IV: Force is the fourth and most recent series in the growing Power television Universe. Unlike the previous three installments, Book IV takes a look at the criminal structure from the perspective of law enforcement. The show centers on Joseph Sikora's Tommy Egan, who attempts to flee from his problems back in New York and head for Los Angeles. However, fate had other plans for the troubled NYPD detective as he becomes stuck in Chicago, navigating the minutiae of a criminal underworld in a completely different social landscape.

The show offers a deeper look into one of the key characters from the original Power series. It provides a refreshing change of pace both thematically and in terms of the show's setting, proving that the Power franchise truly has the potential to cover a whole world of intersectionality. While many fans have come to revere Book IV: Force even more than several of the previous shows, nothing can top the original Power, which launched the entire franchise as we know it.

1. Power

Though a full decade has passed since its premiere, the original Power series remains unmatched. Something about the raw, explosive energy provided by the show has remained unforgettable for new and returning fans. At the same time, the thrilling conclusion serves to provide viewers with a sense of narrative closure. Perhaps other series within the franchise will garner the same favorable reception as Power once they conclude, although none of them have followed the same perfectly plotted three-act structure.

The show has won a myriad of awards for its illustrious run, including half a dozen NAACP Image Awards, though it joins prestige dramas like Better Call Saul and The Wire for having never won an Emmy. When new fans leap into the Power franchise, they can't help but awe at the series that started it all.


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